Anti aging + Multiple Disorders Treatment using stem cells

Anti-Aging stem cell therapy helps to retard the degeneration process of the body. Anti-Aging Mechanism: a stem cell’s job is to heal what is damaged. Injury secretes Chemokines. Stem Cells hone in on chemokines. When they arrive they alert regenerative cells to go to work and repair the damage, or grow tissue.
Autologous Adipose Stem Cell Enriched Therapy through these five steps namely -Harvest, Separate, Enrich, Activate, Return
Stem cells have the capacity to not only divide to form more stem cells, but also to differentiate into specialized cells to replenish or regenerate dying or damaged tissues. Research shows us that there are millions of “dormant” or inactive stem cells located in our abdominal fat. So the task is to get them out, wake them up, return them to the body where they will get back to work repairing and energizing tissue.
It has been proven that this process does indeed work in reducing the primary marker for aging.. All this within a few weeks after the treatment. Remarkable, yes!


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  1. This is a real scientific topic, I really don’t understand much about stem cells, however I can see that is another alternative to anti aging, I’m going to keep researching about this topic, very interesting, thank you.

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