5 Reasons to Avoid Hip Replacement Surgery and Significance of Stem Cells in Orthopedic Conditions

It can be extremely difficult to deal with hip pain on a day-to-day basis. It requires long term pain management options if the problem is not treated correctly. Doctors often suggest hip surgery or hip replacement surgery to patients in order to deal with their debilitating pain. However, one should be well informed about the procedure and its after effects before proceeding for the treatment. If you have just begun exploring about the treatment options or have already decided with your orthopaedic surgeon to undergo hip replacement surgery, this article will definitely help you understand why one should avoid hip replacement as there are more effective options like stem cell therapy in India.

Hip surgeries are usually traumatic and followed by weeks and months of discomfort while attempting to redevelop strength and mobility. In this situation, one could opt for stem cell therapy. It is known as one of the most effective alternative of hip replacement surgery.

What is Cellular Treatment?

Stem cell therapy refers to body’s own ability to cure itself with the help of autologous cells. These cells are unique as they combine two unique properties which are Pluripotency and self-renewal. Pluripotency means they can give rise to multiple cell types. Plus, they have the ability to divide and self-renew to maintain the original population of cells. These pluripotent cells multiply themselves indistinctly when comes in contact with diseased organ and give rise to new healthy cells that replace diseased cells in an organ. Owing to this unique property, cells are treating and curing various chronic diseases by repairing the affected area or organ of the human body.

What are the advantages of Stem Cell Therapy?

Like in any other part of the world stem cells are used and investigated in our country as researchers aim to accomplish the possibility of curing any disease with the help of stem cells. They simply produce new healthy cells from the patient or from a healthy person and transplant them in the human body to cure the disease.


• This treatment deals with almost the complete human body, thus any disease can find treatment or complete cure.

• This method of extracting stem cells from the bone marrow is cost effective compared to conventional treatment in many conditions.

• Cellular Treatments have the ability to save lives – with therapy it has been proven that a healthier and longer life can be achieved.

• Regenerative medicine can cure blindness, hair loss, and are effective in anti-aging as well.

The cost of this regenerative therapy in India is lower compared to most part of the world. This innovative and traditional therapy of curing excruciating hip joint pains has been around for years yet many are now discovering its benefits. However, it is imperative to gain ample amount of knowledge on this treatments method in order to make most out of it. There are reliable healthcare centres available that can provide complete solution to patients with stem cell therapy. So its time to say good bye to chronic pains with hassle free stem cell therapy. This non-surgical method of treating pain is the ideal solution against hip replacement surgery.

You can get more information about stem cell therapies available in India athttp://www.stemrx.in



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