Treatment for Parkinsons

Case Study for Parkinson’s with Rheumatoid Arthritis


A 61 years female patient admitted to our hospital for treatment of parkinson’s disease with rheumatoid arthritis.

Presenting complaints: Difficultie in walking

Tremors, loss of balance, cripping decreases, pain in left iliac crest while bending froward, difficultie in lifting right leg, stiffness in spine.

No history of hypertension, diabetes, TB.

Surgery done: Retinal detachment in right eye

Physical examination: Dragging gait cycle, less concentration, RA+ve with Parkinson’s disease.

Radiological findings:

  • 2D Echo suggests hypertensive heart disease.
  • X-ray of chest PA view is within normal limits.
  • MRI suggests mild age related generalised volume loss.

Treatment Plan:

In Parkinson’s with RA+ve major factors responsible are:

  1. Nerve cells, or neurons, in an area of the brain that controls movement become impaired and/or die.
  2. Environmental and genetic factors play a major role for RA+ve patients, an autoimmune disease.

The bone marrow concentrate plays a major role for cure due to their basic characters of Angiogenesis & Differentiation, so the below protocol was adopted for treatment.

Autologous cellular therapy

Bone Marrow & Adipose Tissue derived Cells with Stromal Factor Transplanted

  1. Intra Articular Transplant in B/L Hip Joint under Image Intensifier guidance around femoral heads.
  2. Intravenous route.
  3. Local PRP Injection for Ligament Injury
  4. Intrathecal
  5. Epidural
  1. Supplementation of deficient vitamins like D3, B12 and minerals like zinc, calcium; amino acids like glutathione, argenine and proteins so as to maintain the micro environment needed for stem cell to differentiate and maintain the potency.
  2. Physiotherapy exercise, both leg exercises given.
  3. Diet

Post treatment observations:

Day1: 17.02.2014

  • Difficulty in walking
  • Difficulty in lifting right leg
  • Stiffness in spine

Day2: 18.02.2014

  • She could walk properly without any difficulty in lifting right leg
  • Stiffness in spine also subsided
  • Tingling sensation in both upper and lower limbs

Day3: 19.02.2014

  • No tingling sensations
  • No back pain
  • No itching in feet

The patient was discharged after 19.02.2014 and has been called up for a follow up in next month.

The patient is still under observation and follow up for full recovery.


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