Stem cell treatment for Leukoderma

Leukoderma – A Chronic Skin Disorder


Leukoderma also known as Vitiligo is a chronic disorder of skin in which de -pigmentation of the skin occurs. This condition can affect any part of the body. Most people suffering from this disorder may have multiple patches on their body as consequences of discoloration of the skin due to loss of melanin- a pigment which is the primary determinant of the skin colour.  De-pigmentation of skin usually takes place near mouth, eyes, nostrils, fingers, nails, genitals and umbilicus. Initially appearing white patches can be followed by stable period without any progress in condition and the sequence of pigment loss and stability are followed later. Halting of production of the melanin pigment is the main reason however this disorder can be hereditary.

In today’s world ‘looks’ are considered as one of the pinnacle for gaining the fame and popularity. As the Leukoderma shatters ‘looks’, it makes a very negative impact on person’s mind suffering from it. In fact in developing countries it is a social issue for a person especially for women suffering from Leukoderma.

As of now there is no well known treatment to prevent or cure Vitiligo. The available Vitiligo treatment includes re-pigmentation of the affected areas using ‘U.V light therapy’, ‘topical application of corticosteroids creams at affected sites’ as well as ‘surgical skin grafting’. But all these conventional treatments have their short comings and are not full proof. Cellular grafting methods constitute important advances in the surgical management of Leukoderma. Recent advances of use of melanocytes culture and melanocytes-keratinocytes cultures in vitro have all been shown to be effective in the treatment of Leucoderma treatment in india

One of the leading cellular medicine research institutes in India, StemRx Bioscience Solutions Pvt, Ltd. founded by Dr. Mahajan have designed and developed a very efficient protocol based on cellular medicine to treat Leukoderma. “You carry your own natural repairing kits in your body”, says Dr. Mahajan. Further he explains the importance of cellular medicine that helps in rejuvenation of the skin. At StemRx, isolated and cultured melanocytes are transplanted autologously in the patient’s body to treat Leukoderma efficiently. Many patients have shown the excellent results and Dr. Mahajan is very confident about the efficacy and efficiency of cellular medicine in treating Leukoderma.




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