About StemRx

StemRx strives to provide stem cells treatments in utmost clinical environment considering the standard protocols.

After prolong research and clinical trials StemRx initiated providing alternative treatment of stem cells for the patients with chronic degenerative metabolic disorders involving most of the systems like orthopedics, CVS, Renal, Neurology, Sports injuries, Skin care and Hair therapy, Erectile dysfunction, Muscular dystrophy, Spinal Cord Injury and many more.

Stem cell treatments projects autologous stem cells (derived from patient’s body) into damaged tissue in order to heal the disease or injury. Stem cells are the original cells in the human body capable of forming any type of cell or tissue structure, apparently an organ in the human body.

StemRx have identified the significance of the stem cell treatments in future of medical science and bind to provide all innovative and upgraded stem cell therapies. StemRx have very good sense of innovations and updates in life science, all endeavors of StemRx are to make human life better and easily livable with the nexus of stem cells and modern technologies.

Stem cell treatments are showing magical results in lives of humans. StemRx also have proved it and boasts Miracles Can Happen…!

StemRx offer highly skilled personalized and the most cost effective care in India which is years ahead of other countries in stem cell treatment and it is delivered with the maximum regard for your safety.

We are able to give you better price than other Stem Cells Treatment centers because we culture the cells in our lab. Also, we have most efficient result oriented protocols. We monitor our patients clinically during and after stem cells therapy with regular followups and alteration in stem cells and allied therapy treatment plans.


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  1. I am suffering with ANK SPOND since last 20 years. I took REMICADE in the year 2008 and well upto 2009 middle. After that the pain again come. Again I took REMICADE in the year 2013 January. Unfortunately it does not work. Doctor told that the ANTI BODY creates in my body, so REMICADE is not working. I am from KOLKATA, INDIA. Life is going to spoiling. Please reply with possible medicine for cure. E-mail: santanumukherjee25@gmail.com, 09831921712, Kolkata, India

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