Dr.P V Mahajan

Dr. Pradeep Mahajan is a general surgeon with a lot of additional qualifications extending beyond his subject & adding additional experties over two decades. His skills of surgery are incomparable & innovative, proved over a period of time. Due to his thrust of innovation for new, he is always exploring new arithmetic ventures in medicine like – medicine & IT, Marine Medicine, Occupation related medicine, minimal invasive medicine & surgeries. Now in most innovative unexplored subject, “nature heals through nature”– He is trying to bring advances of 21st century medicine & technology into realms of today’s clinical medicine & provide promising alternative to traditional solutions of typical surgery, multiple drugs with treatment protocols of regenerative medicine- cellular biology (stem cells). He is striving to make it the next revolution in medicine which can actually act as better alternative to current therapeutics medicine. .

Dr P V Mahajan has been striving hard in this field of Bio-science since last five years of research. At the age of 50, he underwent multiple training in tissue culture, attended many CMEs & applied this innovative nature to develop STEM CELL THERAPEUTICS with his own protocols & came to the conclusion – “LIFE IS DIVINE” – NATURE provides “Natural kits of self repair” in our body “MASTER CELLs” scientifically known as “STEM CELLs”. These cells are consist of many unknown & known bioactive proteins, cytokines and growth hormones.

StemRx is a new launch of Dr P V Mahajan in Navi Mumbai. Based on his experience & expertise on stem cell therapies of 5 years, added with 2 years dedicated real time clinical trials has resulted him as the most successful transplant therapeutic expertise. Stem Rx bioscience solution is founded & promoted by Dr P V Mahajan supported by his medical professional and dedicated team of doctors. A highly qualified team of Doctors & researcher are working round the clock under proactive participative guidance of Dr P V Mahajan.
Dr P V Mahajan has got numerous national and international recognitions for his innovative work in field of medicine. As well as The government of India and Government of Maharashtra has honored him by appointing as consultant and panel doctor with the director general of Shipping and Labor department. He is also representing crucial position as certified surgeon for government of Maharashtra.

Academically he has worked as associate Professor of surgery at Terna medical college, Navi Mumbai. He has been post graduate and under graduate teacher and examiner for the same. Socially he was president of rotary club and chair person for association of certified surgeons of Maharashtra.
Dr P V Mahajan is graduate of SRTRMC medical college from Marathwada University with laurels of two gold medals, master in surgery MS from Marathwada university, Dip in Urology from Vienna university, member of American Medical Society as well many other academic and professional medical Institutes..

Stem cell treatments developed and implemented by Dr P V Mahajan have shown definitive results. Through the StemRx Dr P V Mahajan now provides his patients autologous stem cell treatments. His patient focused comprehensive treatment regimens are specifically designed to improve the patient’s overall well being and quality of life.

Know more about doctor mahajan and their other ventures at Dr. Mahajan Hospital & ITC



  1. I have been diagnosed for AVN of bilateral hip joints. I had core decompression of both the hip joints. My left hip is not very good. I have pain and I am unable to walk for long. I can sit and work with much problem.
    There has been a collapse of the femoral head, a click sound also comes at an angle. Do you have any suggestion for me in this regard? ROM is very good and I have no problem with it.

  2. I am 24 years old and I have HLA-B27 +VE,from past few years,i have this unilateral sacroiliac joint pain with lower back pain also…i don’t know whether it is ankylosing spondilitys or not..
    sir i want to know the cost of treatment..

  3. My husband has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis one year ago. He is on medication (Gilynea) and is symptom free, except his eye. His vision is impaired in one of his eye. P.ease let me know if you can help, what the cost is, stay of duration. Thank you

  4. I am 46 year old and having type 2 diabetes from last 9 years. I would like to know more about stem cell transplant, cost involved for its treatment and for how many days hospitalisation is required and where – Rajeev

  5. Hi Sir,
    My name is Viraj Kondawar. My age is 31yrs. I am suffering from avascular necrosis in both legs of 4th degree. Doctor suggested me to go for hip replacement which I don’t want to do. I came across ur treatment of stem cell for avn. I want to know more about it and is avn can be completely cured by stem cell treatment??

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