Case Study for Muscular Dystrauphy

 Study Conducted At:- StemRx Bio Science Solutions Mumbai

A 12 years old male child presented with complaints of generalized pain, loss of appetite, progressive weakness in upper & lower extremities along with neck muscles, Contractures in major joints of extremities. Due to his disease patient was unable to site or move his neck. He was totally dependent on his family, even for change of neck position in bed.

Diagnosed as Emery Drefiuss Muscular Dystrophy

He was treated with Intra Muscular and IV cellular medicine transplants along with Physiotherapy and Chine’s Traditional Medicine Acupuncture Therapy. The Diet and life style modification is advised. The patient has shown improvement, now patient can site for more than half an hour, can move his extremities, neck holding and movement has regained, he can twist his body and his appetite is increased as well alertness.

With these promising changes in his health, we are expecting him to join his school and independency in day to day activates in next 6 months. Muscular Dystrophy treatment India